Getting closer! And feeling like baby boy is really getting big in there. Not that my belly is so big or heavy but his outline just feels huge! His head feels huge. Its way up almost wedgeing its way under my left rib. So yeah… he’s still breech. He’s been breech almost 7 weeks. Ideally, I know he still has time to turn, but realistically I’m thinking if he could then he would.
      So… I feel a bit let down that we may not get our natural birth BUT that’s not what really matters here. Before I got pregnant I always said if I could just get pregnant I didn’t care much how I delivered as long as my baby was alright. I kind of idealised a natural birth once I was pregnant but I think its time to come to peace again with the fact that it really doesn’t (hopefully) matter. The main things that make me sad about csection are: no skin to skin immediately, probably can’t wait for the cord to stop pulsing before cutting it, the baby will likely have to leave the room while I get sewed up, and definitely a little afraid of scar tissue in my already not so happy uterus. But again. This stuff is small potatoes. The big deal is a healthy little guy. I’ve heard of external cephalic version where the drs attempt to turn the baby head down from the outside by ultrasound guided manipulation. It is not without its risks though. And I’ve seen the success rates quoted around 58% so not that great considering its usually very painful and can bruise the baby or send them into distress. I guess I have to trust Truett to know what position he needs to be in. HOWEVER! This hasn’t stopped me from seeing a chiropractor who uses Webster technique (stretching of the round ligament after adjustment of the pelvis) and trying a few positions from If this is successful then fine. If not then fine.
      Ok. Enough of that…. I’ve been reading a lot of peoples pregnancy blogs where they list the questions for each week and answer them. I’m not sure where they find the questions but a common one is “things I miss?” I always think that whatever you could possibly miss in 9 months couldn’t be that exciting unless you’re on bedrest or something, but if I had to list something I guess it would be sleeping on my belly and back. But I keep thinking that I’ll miss being pregnant. Laugh if you will but since this might be my only pregnancy, I want to remember it and enjoy it as much as I can. Especially the sweet little baby kicks. Awwwww! 🙂
       Oh dear! I just realized I didn’t take a 31 week belly shot yet. Oops. I guess I will have to do that later. My parents and siblings decided to pitch in as their baby gift so we could get a camera for baby pictures. I always have to use my phone. (You could tell couldn’t you?! ;)) So I’m excited to order that later today.
       Aside from that… I’ve been canning tomatoes from my kitchen garden and trying to cook super healthy the last few months. Might as well with all this produce going around! I actually need to make a trip down to the produce stand. The end of the year approaches and for the first time in my life, I look forward to October! 😉
      Dear God, please protect this baby for the remainder of this pregnancy. I pray that he will be in whatever position is best for him. Please keep him growing healthy and strong. In Jesus name, amen