The nurse called today and said I passed my GTT and all labs were good. Yay! The GTT was no fun. I got so sick after drinking the orange hummingbird food. I prayed I wouldn’t throw up and I made it! 🙂
      At my appointment the OB was in the room literally about a minute before she was ready to leave. No lie. She did NOTHING! It was the first time I met her. I didn’t like her at all. She seemed very uncaring. Like I was wasting her time or something. She didn’t measure my belly or use the doppler. The other drs all do regardless of if I just had an ultrasound or not. Its fun to hear how your belly is measuring. Get with the program doc! I told her I had questions and that I had told the nurse. She said “the nurse and I already discussed your questions.” That’s it? Any answers? Just because you know the answers and think everything is fine doesn’t mean I don’t want to know the answers to my own freaking questions!!! Wow! Seriously. So after telling me that hiccups count as kicks when doing kick counts she left the room. And me still sitting there with my questions! Btw, pardon if I’m wrong but nearly everything I have read related to doing kick counts, including hospital websites that I googled just to confirm what I had read elsewhere, expressly say and frequently in caps that HICCUPS DO NOT COUNT AS MOVEMENT. The reason for this is that hiccups are an involuntary movement the baby isn’t trying to make. The sites I read say only deliberate moves count as kicks. One hospital website even said that moves the baby makes when you push in on it don’t count.
     Anyways… I followed the dr out of the room and asked my questions out there. She answered them while walking (dare I say briskly) away. I drove an hour and a half for this stinking appointment, I sat in the car for an hour, I’m getting answers! Btw, I still have a few questions I forgot to ask there.
      So that was a waste of time. However, the ultrasound was nice. The tech actually was a lot more informative that the dr. She was really nice explaining how the baby is still breech and the fluid is at 10 and she said to drink as much as I can to get the fluid up a bit more so he has more room to turn. He measured in the 57th percentile which is of course very average and good. He was anywhere from right on time to a few days ahead depending on what she measured and his weight is estimated at 2lbs 11oz. Awwww!! He looked so cute too! He’s still a boy. 😉 I asked her to check again. She said he still has a turtle! In the pic she printed off it looks like a turtle climbing a hill. Lol. 🙂 She showed me his kidneys, brain, heart and we saw him drinking again. Awww!! I’m all in love. 🙂
      So that sums up our 7:30am to 11:40am appointment marathon. Thank You God for a good checkup and good lab reports! Please continue to bless this baby during this pregnancy. In Jesus name.
      Also on a good note, my car is fixed! A mechanic that we go to church with looked at it for me today. He fixed everything that was wrong and then some!! My ac works now! Hallelujah! I only need to touch up a few rust spots along the bottom and fix/change the muffler and it can be sold. I’m so happy about that. 🙂