Ah, this is going to be weird. I warn you now. I’m running on maybe 3 hours sleep. I’ve also been sitting in my hubby’s car at his work for over half an hour. I still have a half hour to go. You see, my car…. I hate it. Its having major and I do mean MAJOR problems! If I told you what its doing, you wouldn’t believe me. So I’m not going to tell you. (Its a bunch of blah blah blah, weird car talk, BLAH!!) Why is it picking now to give me fits? It overheard that I wanted to sell it. And thus begins the end of another weird car relationship. Just once I would like to sell a car without some major weird/scary/life threatening thing happening first. I bawled my head off over it last night which, looking back, was a bad choice. Because now my eyes burn from lack of sleep and crying probably didn’t help either. DH was highly frustrated at me crying over a car. Truth is, I don’t NEED this bill. I don’t WANT this problem right now! I’m a whiny baby!! Wahhhhh!
     So we had to share today. Which meant getting up at 4:30am, driving an hour to DH’s work, sitting an hour in his car in the parking lot – oddly enough next to someone else sitting in their car hence the awkward! Actually to clarify, I was laying in the passenger seat really hoping to catch some shut eye. That wasn’t happening. So I popped up like a gopher and realized someone was in the other car next to me and had likely seen me trying to situate my pillows ect for who knows how long! From here I head my famished self off to Hospital 1 for a lovely 2 hour glucose tolerance test. Then after a few hours of that fun, I head off to Hospital 2 for a fun filled 1 hour wait for an ultrasound. Then another short wait for an OB appointment. All the appointment fun kicks off at 7:30am and doesn’t end until 11:30 at the earliest. Then off to my RE’s office to donate unused meds. Don’t worry, I won’t be “that stupid pregnant lady who goes to her RE’s office 7 months pregnant and farting rainbows. Its raining. And regardless that it will likely be 80some degrees by then, I promise if I can without looking like I’ve lost my mind, I will wear a hoodie.
       Then! The plan is after all this Lord willing, to go to my hubs cousin’s house to wait till he gets off work. Then pick him up and if I’m a really good girl we might even get to finally use the $25 Olive Garden gift card my parents gave us for our anniversary!!
Ok…. now sitting at the lab waiting for the second and third blood draws. My veins are crying. My butt will be too I imagine after 2 more hours of sitting here. The orange drink was gross. Thick, flat, and the sweetest nectar… I thought I was a hummingbird. I swear they would love it. Every time I took a drink baby boy stretched and wiggled. Whether it had something to do with the drink I dont know but I have a feeling he hated it too. I’m not feeling good in my tummy now. 😦 Hope I don’t toss my cookies.
I’m procrastinating. I need to be writing up my list of questions for the dr. I know I’ll forget what they are once I get there. The problem is my brain has serious “on the spot anxiety” and it will freeze up when I need it. Even once it sees that I have pulled out pen and paper so whats the use?!
I was having a great project week getting stuff done. I haven’t been home much the last few days but when I am home I find myself nesting. As in DH and I spent the day Saturday cleaning out cabinets, hanging blinds, I washed curtains. I also have the changing table just about done. It needs paint touch ups in a few spots. It looks a billion times better than it did. The crib is almost fully sanded down. I canned 4 pints of bananna peppers. They turned out mushy and gross. I read online to use Pickle Crisp by Ball so I hope to give that a try in a few days. There is all kinds of canning I want to get done in the next couple weeks Lord willing. We shall see what I get done. I have so much motivation right now and I start off full of energy but then my body fizzels out but my brain is like “You can do it! Come on! Its ok to overdo it!” Uhhh no.
Yesterday I went to see a friend. I had a great time! It was awesome to see her and my sis and niece who also went. I stood quite a bit. Bad choice. Then I was getting so hot. Afterwards I went to the nursing home to visit another friend. They had no seats in the room! I stood for around 45 mins before being unbelievably nauseated and almost blacking out. I actually sat on the floor in the nursing home. 😦 I was not feeling better so I left. I ended up staying lightheaded and sick so I pulled over because I was afraid to drive. I just laid there for awhile before going home. I felt sick all evening. That was fun. I guess I should listen to my dr and get some belly support. I’m usually ok when moving but standing in one spot just cuts my circulation off too bad.
Ok that’s enough whining. Its actually not that bad AND its all worth it. 🙂 Man! I never thought I would look forward to a blood draw. Yeah, my butt officially hurts. 😉
Dear God, thank You for this day. I pray that You will protect this precious little baby and I pray that all our appointments will go well and that this little baby will get the care that it needs to continue growing well and healthy. Please continue to keep us safe and healthy. In Jesus name, amen.