Thanks for all of the nice comments folks! I’m enjoying reading up on new blogs this week. It really sucks that I still can’t comment on blogspot blogs. That’s what I get for only having crappy phone internet. I hope I get it figured out soon. I’ve been successful at it a couple times.
       I picked up my beagle today from his manhood removal surgery. (Neutering) He did well. He’s hurting now, I can tell but I’m hoping its a good thing we got him fixed. He has a tenacy to every once in a great while grab a guests leg. NOT COOL!! Talk about embarrassing. Hopefully this helps that problem. I remember 2 years ago when I had my female dog, I felt horrible to get her fixed. It seemed so unfair to take away her fertility without her having a say so in the matter. I felt that was what had happened to me. Might seem silly to feel that way about getting a dog fixed but I sure did. (I was also extremely jealous when my guppie fish started having little baby guppies, but that’s a story for another day – or not.) 

Warning :  tmi alert. Scars for life could occur! – Not really.
       Yesterday I lost my 4th, yep that’s right FOURTH, mucus plug. Because you wanted to know. I had a feeling it was going to happen yet again. 3 times after being intimate with the hubby, 24 hours later, bam. Mucus plug. The other time was just a fluke I guess. It didn’t happen the times we used protection (because we thought we might give it a try that way) so… hmmmm. Of course this adds to our fear level. We have been intimate only maybe 8 times since embryo transfer. Partly because we were restricted, then because we were/are scared. (Other reasons not worthy of being mentioned here.) Its stupid I guess, but we don’t want to take chances. So… no more of that! It scares us too much.
        Been busy the last few days. I had to run a lot of errands. I’m also working on sanding and refinishing the crib. I decided to keep it. Its actually very pretty. But it has to be refinished because the previous owners baby was a beaver. I’ve never in my life seen teeth marks like that from a human! Scary. But hopefully I’m good at this. Its my first furniture refinishing project of this nature. Also trying to get the changing table painted sometime. Our porch is full of baby furniture. It looks remarkably like a nursery. I wonder if people worry that we keep the baby out there? Not really. Still on the lookout for a dresser. Maybe I’ll get some pictures posted sometime.
      Have to get to bed now. Until next time…
       Dear God thank You for this beautiful day. Thank You for this beautiful baby! Please guard and protect him in my womb. I pray that he will grow strong and healthy. In Jesus name, amen