Man, is it hot! It is so hot out. It took so long for summer to get here and now that it is, its here with a vengeance. Its beautiful to see all the flowers bloomed out and everything green. But its too hot to be outside. We had a heat advisory yesterday and today. That’s always fun. It was in the 90’s but felt like 108° according to my handy dandy app. I worry about my dad and FIL out working in this heat. We don’t have A/C in either car and I nearly got sick driving to town yesterday. (About a 20 min drive where we went.) Ok, enough whining now. The heat sure beats sitting under my house with a hair drier in the middle of the night because the pipes have froze… again.
        I’m ready to re-home my ferrets. I’ve never re-homed a single pet I’ve ever had. I always keep them until they die of this or that. But I only love my ferrets in the winter. In the winter they hardly smell at all. I don’t have to clean their cage every 5 minutes around the clock to keep from attracting flies ect. In the summer they are stinky and I’m just not up to those smells this year. So, as much as I don’t want to, I need to find them a new home. I want them to stay together. I think they are way too attached and would be too sad apart. Here’s the problem…. someone I know is really interested in having them. I won’t post details about why here but that ain’t gonna happen! I now can’t post on FB about finding them a home either because this person would possibly see it and be like “Me! Me!” and I can’t say “No way!” *Sigh* There is a part of me that wants to find them a new home versus just keeping them until they die of this or that or (hopefully) old age. I don’t want to go through that! I’m way to attached.
      Baby boy is hanging out in the same spot for a week and a half now. He’s laying with his back on my left side and his feet and legs along my right side like a “V”. He’s in this position breech. Its causing a tender spot up near his head. Now, if he’s fine and comfy like this then that’s fine with me. But I hope he does get into a better position for birthing before he gets too big. He’s still hiccuping at least 3 times a day and another 3-4 throughout the night. Its definitely a schedule.
     His movement feels different to me. Its less kicking and punching and more little swoops and swishes. I love the big kicks though. I wonder if they will come back if he moves. I only feel feet now and then.
       I’m definitely having more BH contractions. I was on the monitor at the hospital the other day and I had so many they were worried it was preterm labor. I had them every couple minutes but they only lasted around 10 seconds. I definitely have longer ones too. I drink plenty of water but its that irritable uterus thing I’ve had all along.
      DH and I went to an amusement park during the weekend. It was super fun. I couldn’t ride rides or anything but we did go on a paddle boat on a pond they have there and a tiny motorized boat that goes super slow but it was fun. It was all paid for by his job. They had a work party. It was so nice of them. They paid for parking, rides, unlimited drinks, snacks, ice cream, snow cones, lunch… It was nice out that day and I only got a very slight sun burn.
     I can’t believe we are at 26 weeks! I have so much to do/get for baby. I finished my registry! My mom and sisters have planned a shower for us which they asked to host at my house. That is fine with me so I don’t have to carry stuff back home afterwards. I do want to get the baby room more put together by then though. The shower is planned for 2 and a half weeks from now. I need to get the crib we were given assembled, find out if it works. If not get rid of it. If it does, it needs painted. The changing table needs painted. Stuff is piled right now in a baby tub in his room. It needs sorted and possibly put away. In other words, I may have a honey do list for DH this weekend. 😉 I made a few party decorations. I also should probably get started on a menu since I told mom I could make food for the party so she wouldn’t be out so much. Exciting!!! Then, my MIL is wanting to do a shower in September too!
        I have to clean up the house a little to make it look like I was busy today while DH was at work. *Wink, wink.* Thanks for reading.
         Dear God, thank You for getting us safely through another week. Please bless this precious little baby and keep us both safe and healthy. In Jesus name, amen.