Just a quick weekly update. Symptoms lately vary so much from day to day. A few days ago I spent several hours cleaning, scrubbing, and basically detailing my car. (I’m hoping to sell it a.s.a.p. because DH is really, really wanting a (get this) minivan! I know. Not your average 23 yr  old guys dream vehicle right? But he does want one so I told him if it really means that much to him why don’t we sell my car and he can use that money to get a van and we will hopefully break even and not be out any money.) Ok, that was way off topic of symptoms. Where I was headed with that is I’m at that stage of pregnancy that every so often, I don’t notice the belly or really feel pregnant. That’s how it was when I was cleaning my car. I had to keep reminding myself that baby probably doesn’t love being squished when I bend over for long amounts of time scrubbing the floor. In fact I know he doesn’t like it because he pokes me. Then I have other days that I feel fat and uncomfortable and can totally tell there is indeed a real person in there. Just depends on the day. Other symptoms are: getting lightheaded, blacking out, out of breath, sore ligaments, and other normal come and go pregnancy stuff. The pressure seems to be, dare I say it, basically gone. Must be his position. He has started hiccuping a lot! Its like he’s on a schedule. At least 3 times a day.
     My family is trying to plan my baby shower and they have a date set and are waiting for me to fill out my registry so they can mail invitations. I don’t think I’m going to go to a lot of trouble on my registry though. I think usually people just get you what they want to get and that’s fine by me. I guess the registry can be there if they need ideas, otherwise, its fun to see what people think of / recommend. I already have quite a few “must have” items that people have already got for the little guy like car seats, stroller, bath tub, carrier, possibly a crib, and a few other things.
     Well, I have some things I need to do today so that’s all for now.
      God, thank You for this day and for this baby and the blessing of enjoying these last 6 months. Please watch over this little one in Jesus name, amen.