First I must apologize to those from ICLW. I was doing great getting out at least 6 comments a day but then my internet messed up and I couldn’t open blogs and if I did and tried to comment, it didn’t always save. I think I’m back though and I plan to do my best responding and visiting your blog because I really appreciate the comments and visits you have been giving my blog and I’ve enjoyed reading and following more blogs myself.
      So I didn’t see the a dr today but I was sent for a cervical length check. I measured 3.6 which means it did shrink nearly a centimeter in 3 weeks BUT 3.6 is still well within normal range. Of course, I intend to have it checked again. The tech also measured the fluid. She didn’t say how much but it looked like a nice pocket to my untrained eyeballs. And she informed me that my placenta is not posterior, its fundal. (At the top of the uterus.) Which explains why all the activity I have felt up there has been light even though his feet are up there. And his heartbeat was 150. (It cracks me up when people try to guess his gender based on the heartrate. While literally 9 times out of 10 that worked for my mom, this little guy didn’t follow the “rule”.)  The tech asked “do you want to try 3D?” I was suprised she asked because the last time I asked if they do 3D the tech at that appointment said “not for entertainment!” So I wasn’t expecting it. He’s still little for 3D ultrasound but she did get a good looking picture. DH said he looks like me. And I can see where he gets that (wide nose) but honestly it seems babies never come out looking like their ultrasounds. At least not the babies I’ve seen.
       His little head is very firmly against my cervix which I guess may be causing some pressure but he seems tiny to be really causing much. He’s so precious. I’m so in love!
      Needing suggestions! I’m having trouble getting my Lovenox shot. My belly is getting tighter and I am hard pressed to find a vein-free area. I have been poking 5 or more times per shot just to find somewhere to inject without hitting a vein and get a real nice fried egg size bruise. My legs are also out. Too many veins. I’m thin and fair skinned so I can practically see all my veins like a road map. Someone told me my upper arm can be used. (They used theirs for heparin I believe but please don’t take this as medical advice because I really have no idea if that’s safe.) Once again though there’s just not sufficient fat. Is the tushy ok? Of course this requires DH’s help and with an extremely painful shot like Lovenox, I shudder. But maybe he could give my few tummy sites a couple days to heal now and then… but is the rear ok?
     Off to sleep now if possible. Its been a long day.
      Thank You God for a safe trip to the dr and for a good visit. Thank You for this baby and I pray that You will continue to help my body to take good care of this precious little one. In Jesus name, amen.