This part of the post is not for those who don’t wish to know about my southern parts. If desired, it can be skipped and you will be informed when its safe again.

       Well this past week has been rough. Remember the swelling I mentioned before in the nether regions? Still there but worse. Fine. Whatever. Small price to pay. But it feels like there’s a fullness on the inside now too and some pressure. It may all be perfectly fine and nothing to worry about, but I don’t know that! And when one feels like they are going to have their girl parts fall out in the floor its a tad scary! So yesterday, after a week and a half of it not getting better, I called the nurse. She said “try taking 2 Tylenol and drink plenty of water and call me back.” I was confused. Because I wasn’t in pain. So I explained it again. She said she understood so take 2 Tylenol and see how I felt. So I did. I waited 2 hours. Nothing changed. *Shock!* So as I was getting ready to call her back, another nurse called me and said the consultant said I don’t need a cervical length check. Well ok. I never asked for one! Now I’m thinking maybe I DO need one. I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week anyways so why not move it up??? But lastnight was miserable. Trying to sleep while feeling pressure that isn’t determined to be safe yet is hard. This morning I called the nurse again and left a message. “If the dr can’t see me today, I’ll just head up to triage. Just let me know!” Because why should I sit here and worry if I don’t have to? And if something is wrong, shouldn’t we find out before its a BIG problem?

Ok, I think its safe conversation again ….
       So, my week has pretty much consisted of sitting/laying on the couch due to above issue. I went to church and Lowe’s. That’s the highlight of my week. But its given me time to feel baby boy moving! Its so funny when he sticks his head or behind, I’m not sure which it is, but he sticks it up and its so round and cute. He thought he would just take a day off from kicking yesterday. He didn’t do his usual morning excersizing. Or his afternoon routine. By evening he had done a few half hearted kicks and when I went to bed he didn’t kick my hip off like usual. At almost midnight I jumped out of bed realising he hadn’t moved in a strong way all day. I went and drank iced fruit juice and prayed. Finally he got going. I stopped counting after 20 kicks and went to bed. He has lazy days now and then. I can relate but that’s not allowed when you’re in your mommies tummy!
        I will try to update after I either get back from the dr or get back from triage. Until then….

Dear God, You know what is going on and if it’s a cause for concern. If anything is wrong, I ask that You will protect the baby inside me. I pray that you will make my body the perfect environment for this baby from right now until he is full term. In Jesus name, amen