I wanted to share a picture of tonights dinner. As I’ve mentioned before, my main craving has been vegetables. (I know. Boring right?!) Anyways, I decided to really indulge my cravings tonight and make a vegetarian supper. Not that I’m a vegetarian. Gotta have me some meat! But I can definitely see the benefits of having a more plant based diet. Its easy, cheap and clean! I’m loving my parents garden this year and the Amish produce stand down the road. (Yep, I do live in Amish country. Its good for the most part but my dog hates their horses with a passion and thus embarrasses the crap out of me barking at them everytime they drive by. Which is frequently.) Anyways, the produce they sell at the stand is the best! Its always clean, bug-bite free and grown locally. I have been stopping in there a lot for zucchini, squash, green beans, peas, beat greens, rainbow chard and garden plants. I did manage to get out the tiniest kitchen garden this year. I mean its the size of a postage stamp! At least its something. But hey! When you have a produce stand 3 miles away selling vegetables almost as cheap as you can grow them… its ok to take a year off! Although I do need to get back to my canning someday.
      Ok enough veggies for now. 🙂