First I want to say hello and welcome to those stopping by for ICLW. To those just now chiming in, my history in a nutshell… I am 24 years old, DH is 23. We have struggled with MFI, endometriosis and MTHFR since 2008. (Although initially we didn’t have a diagnosis.) We have both been through surgery to try and correct our infertility problems but to no avail. We have done 2 cycles of medicated iui followed by 2 cycles of ivf. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with a boy from our second ivf. Feel free to read along…
       I’m looking forward to viability like a kid on Christmas morning. I know viability isn’t everything, but knowing baby boy has a chance on the outside does count for something! I love this little one sooo much!
     This week in the pregnancy symptom department has left me suprised. I have this almost constant feeling of fullness or swelling “down there”. (Might as well start with the embarrassing stuff first.) Yesterday I made the mistake of taking a peek to evaluate this swelling…. *gasp of shock* Moving on. Not to complain or anything but my pelvic bones feel like they’ve split in half in the front. Its a radiating, shooting pain but I suppose it is nessassary to make a wider exit. I could swear I feel baby’s little butt sitting right on the bones. He’s been in this same position for weeks now. I guess its comfortable for him. He’s not one for changing position a whole lot now that his home is getting more crowded. I love his active times though when he sticks little body parts up and makes my belly look funny. 🙂
The pressure from baby is starting to kick my intersistial cystitis back in. It was bad in the beginning then got a lot better! I almost felt like I did before I had IC but now its worsening a bit again. Nothing I can’t live with though! At an appointment awhile back I remember the dr telling me to use the bathroom at least every two hours even if I didn’t need to. Ha!! I’m doing good to make it 15-30 mins. Such is the case with IC. And the BH continue…. Everything
causes them.  
I’ve been much more hungry lately. I’m wondering if that means growth spurt. I found out that our Wal-Mart sells Olive Garden Salad Dressing. My favorite place to eat at! And their dressing is the best!! (If you don’t believe me, try it.) I’ve been eating it up like crazy! We’ve gone through almost a whole bottle in a week. And guess what’s on the menu tonight?
       We have been given a few more baby items. A handmade, crotchet baby blanket and an adorable baby outfit with little dogs on the feet. I actually choked down my fear last week and bought a pack of zip up sleepers. They were on clearance and had little ducks on them. DH is not sure he feels real happy about me wanting to dress our son in yellow duckies but as my dad said “he’s just a baby!” I guess we shall see… 😉
      Over the course of the last few days, not all at once, our cat, the stray that had 4 kittens last month and all 4 of the kittens have disappeared. And not one cat has been seen for 2 days now. It freakest me out! How would 6 cats all disappear like that? I was planning to find homes for the kittens and their mother but not thinking they would vanish into thin air! It seriously bothers me. Now when I tie my beagle out for his daily constitutional I get very nervous. Its a mystery I guess.
       I’m still feeling a little swamped by the bills for our IVFs. Its sooooooo worth it though. I wouldn’t trade this little guy for alllll the money in the world. Or for anything for that matter! I did call about one bill and they gave me a settlement amount to pay if I paid in full. Which took some juggling of money but it was great because I was able to save. I tried it on another bill but no such luck. I guess some will and some won’t. It was worth a shot.
      I’m tired and hungry and I’m starting to ramble so I’ll go for now.
       Dear God, thank You for this beautiful day and for these precious kicks I’m feeling. Please watch over this baby and keep us safe and healthy. In Jesus name, amen