I can see what people are typing into google when my blog gets hits. Someone googled “infertile women complain and are b…”. I don’t know for sure what the “b” stands for because the rest of the search term was cut off. But I can take a guess. I was suprised anyone would google that. Seriously, what do you expect? The one thing a woman should be able to do, an infertile can’t! (Or at least not easily.) Something women everywhere take for granted and oftentimes throw away the gift of is fertility. The very thing so many little girls dream of and practice for – being a mommy. Little girls in all parts of the world playing with their baby dolls and ohhhing and ahhhing over little babies in grocery stores. Yet, its somehow a suprise that we might get a little crabby when our dreams are crushed and we feel empty and worthless? Granted, we are God’s priceless work of art regardless of our uterus and ovaries but being infertile can make a woman (or actually even a man for that matter) feel less than they are. Maybe I misread the meaning of the search term. I’m SURE I overreacted at any rate. But to those of us who have faced (and are indeed still facing) infertility…. you have every right to complain a little.