DH’s idea… I thought it was pretty cute. (And my belly wasn’t too bruised from the Lovenox.)
     So we had out anatomy scan today. We still have to go back for heart echo but they saw no problems so… yay! And no spinal defects were detected. 🙂 And we are officially team blue! It was so blazing, blaring obvious. I knew before the tech confirmed it. Of course, I KNEW at 6w2d. (Mothers intuition?) DH about fell off the chair from shock. He was 100% sure it was a girl. Neither us gave a rats tushy one way or the other, but we are competitive like that. 😉 So, he weighed around 11oz, measured right on the day and I forgot to ask how long he is. He was kicking, sucking his hand and even rolled over after being rudely shaken but the sour ultrasound tech. (Not the one we usually get – LOVE her.) This lady acted like she had been sucking on garlic all day. Maybe she just had a bad day. I don’t know. But she did a good job getting all his little measurements and by the end she seemed even to have warmed up a little.
     We went to the zoo afterwards and my doggies are barking!! My ankles swelled a lot and my low back is in sad shape but we had a great time and the weather was exactly what my weather app predicted – “sunny and delightful.” My hips, low back, tail bone ect have been very painful lately. The more I walk the worse they hurt. Especially my tail bone. Its odd all the little twinges and pains pregnancy brings. Such strange little things. I almost threw up there too. I blacked out and got mucho nauseated. I practically stumbled blindly to a rock wall to sit down. Then DH led me to the shade. I don’t know what that was about, but I prayed, felt better and ended up having a great time.
       We got a few baby outfits on the way home. DH got all excited on me about buying baby stuff. I didn’t know if he stayed in the sun too long or if he just had a momentary estrogen rush but either way, I liked it. He’s usually not like that.Maybe he’s changing with the times. He even picked up a pregnancy test the other day. (For someone else, not me obviously.) I couldn’t believe he did that when he could hardly be seen in the store with me buying one just a year or two ago. Whatever it is that’s gotten into him… I like it!
     I’m still experiencing Braxton Hicks ever increasingly. Menstrual type cramping. I feel for all the world like I’ve got AF. Its weird! And mild, intermittent morning sickness.  The Dr said today that the good thing is, my cervix hasn’t changed. (They measured transvaginally by ultrasound as I was NOT leaving until they did.) He didn’t tell me the exact measurement. I wanted to ask but I knew if it was down but 1/8cm I’d stress and who needs that?! So. He’s said its good. And no funneling. (And the tech practically touched my backbone pushing in so I think we would have seen!!) 😉 And baby was kicking my cervix the whole time.
      For the record, my belly button popped out about 2 weeks ago. I thought it would take longer but it was never that deep. Also, regardless of the fact that baby is measuring 19w6d my uterus is measuring 23 weeks. The Dr said they don’t worry about it unless its past 3cm (weeks) ahead. So we are at the cutoff. But I have no idea what that means. He didn’t elaborate… but at least it gives my belly button an excuse for looking funny already. 😉
      I really must go. I’m sure I could type all night but I need rest. And water! I drink like a camel and pee like a…. well me. DH says nothing pees like me. I laugh at women who whine about getting up 3 times a night. I get up 3-6 times a night when I’m NOT pregnant. Now I average 6-10 but I think my record is closer to 15. No lie. Its a combo of intersistial cystitis, baby kicking my bladder and my obsessive love of Ice Mountain water! Its to PEE for!! Until next time…
      Thank You God for a wonderful ultrasound, beautiful day and for Tru. I ask that You will continue to watch over him and keep him safe in my womb for the months ahead. In Jesus name, amen.