Yesterday was Memorial Day so I want to start this post by saying Thank You to all those serving our country right now and in the past. And a special Thank You to their families. I know its a very difficult sacrifice to have your family member in danger.
       I think I might have overdone it yesterday. We met DH’s family at the lake and the men went fishing. Against my better judgement, I walked a trail that goes around a part of the lake. I thought it was a). A lot shorter than it was and b). flat. Wrong on both. It was probably close to 2 miles. Ordinarily, that would be nothing  for me. DH and I are very outdoors people and usually our vacations involve lots of nature trails and mini hikes. But yesterday? I didn’t have it in me. But my SIL had her almost 2 year old little girl with her and she let her do a lot of the walking which actually set a very nice relaxed pace for us. I’m just sore in the abs today. Maybe because after all that blood pumping, the baby kicked almost non stop all evening. Its never kicked that much before. But today it has been alot more laid back. I enjoyed all the movement though. Later on we went to my parents house and I was too tired and worn out to be much fun anyways so I just sat there mostly. My girl parts are sore today too. (I know you really wanted to read about that!) I think the heat and the walking were not my friends. Today, I’m taking it easy.
      I guess I’m once again having Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve noticed what seems to have been several today. Sometimes when the baby stretches out, it almost feels the same as these little practice contractions. They started before 12 weeks. I remember asking the dr about them at 13 weeks. She said they can start anytime in pregnancy. I’m pretty skinny so I notice them more.
     Speaking of weight… I got tired of counting calories. No matter what I ate I could never eat 2,000 let alone 2,300. So, I gave up. I deleted the calorie app and just decided to forget about it. The dr said I would likely gain around 15 pounds by full term. He was quite fine with that so I was too. Well, I don’t have a scale that works anymore so I have been weighing myself whenever I’m at my parents. Yesterday my weight was up to 9 or 10 pounds gained! Some weeks I don’t gain any and some weeks I lose, but it looks like this weight thing is working out just fine now. Regardless of the fact that people don’t think I look 4 and a half months yet! I can tell this baby is growing. The little body parts are more prominent now when its moving. A few nights ago, it stuck some part up (butt maybe?) and i got DH to feel it. Honestly, he was a bit weirded out. It was funny though. He also got to see movement through my tummy the other day. He was pretty impressed with that. Its very noticeable now jumping around in there. Its hard for me to imagine that some women can’t even feel their baby kick yet. But again …. I’m quite skinny. I do have days though where I don’t feel much. Especially if the baby is breach or facing my back.
      Tomorrow I am planning on meeting my sister and her baby and another of my sisters so we can go clothes shopping. I would like to find a few more maternity items. Specifically, capris and some tops.
       I’m impressed with the women who carry multiples. Honestly, how do you do it? The pelvic pressure must be incredible. And how do some of you work? Maybe I just notice everything but I’m never sure whats normal. And after working so hard to get here, I feel like I can’t assume anything is normal.  I do stay pretty busy but that makes me nervous too. I always feel like there is a cloud if impending doom. Blast you infertility!!!! After 4 and a half years of things going wrong I think I have PISD lol! (Post Infertility Stress Disorder). And yes. It makes me what the acronym spells. (I didn’t realize it would spell that. ;)) Maybe part of the problem is that I still feel infertle. But its all in God’s hands. I just pray that He will continue to bless me to be able to carry this baby to full term.
     God, I ask Your protection over this baby. I know that I have a lot of anxiety and that You want me to be anxious for nothing, but to make my requests known to You. Thank You for this baby and for all of my blessings. I pray that you will continue to bless me to carry this baby all the way to full term and that it will be born strong and healthy and that it will do very well. In Jesus name, amen.