So, my sister and I went to the OB for my 6th ultrasound (seriously?). Cervical length was 3.15 I think. No funneling! 🙂 May I just add…. what a learning experience! Before pregnancy I knew about dilation and had heard of effacement but I didn’t really know what that was. Never was I aware of all this weird cervix measuring that goes on! And funneling? I had no idea pre-pregnancy. I guess people just don’t talk about their cervix that much. Lol! Anyways, to get back on topic. Fluid level was at 6mm so it went up. (Something I also wasn’t aware of pre-pregnancy… I guess it can fluctuate.) As I suspected, it wasn’t the whole plug so it should be regenerating if it needs to. Baby was breach (I felt it turn around on the way home) and sitting on its feet being modest so we couldn’t see gender. The ultrasound tech is so nice. She tried to look even using the other wand but no luck. I didn’t really want to find out today anyways. I’m having fun guessing. 🙂 Baby also had its hands on its ears the whole time except long enough to give me a couple punches for invading its privacy! Over all it was a nice scan…. (would have rather just not been under the circumstances) DH was sad to miss all the “fun” action. He adores seeing the ultrasounds. He wasn’t too impressed with the pictures. They never look as good as the screen.
      I don’t get it why all these weird things keep happening to me!? At least everything looks reassuring. Thank You God!! It was a journey getting pregnant and I guess it is still a journey. And a lesson of sorts. Every step takes faith.
     Our trip wasn’t a waste though. I got to buy maternity jeans at Salvation Army. My size, like new, $7! And a couple tops that might work. Its a mighty good thing to because I have no maternity shirts except one I borrowed but don’t fit yet and I outgrew my brand new jeans I bought at Motherhood already. I knew they were too tight in the thighs! 😦 So I have 1 skirt that I can wear in public that doesnt hurt my belly. And whatever shirts I can get by with. That’s it. So it was exciting to get an actual outfit!
     I’m ready for a relaxed 2 weeks till my next appointment. Just safe and happy! Note to my body… BEHAVE!
       Until next time…