Just when I relax and think all is well…. after I have gotten several good reports from the Dr even after some weird scares… I was just chugging along enjoying being outside all weekend having dinner at my parents. I came home and what do you know, I lost my mucus plug. At least part of it. I knew instantly that’s what it was. I won’t go into details because seriously, who wants to know? But anyways, I was getting into a quick bedtime shower and bam. I decided not to freak out yet but I called the Dr on call and he said it CAN be normal!!! Yes! I sure hope its normal in my case. He wants to check tomorrow via ultrasound of the cervix to make sure all is well in that area. Please God, let it be alright. In Jesus name. Why does all this weird stuff keep happening to my pregnancy? I seriously never knew I would need to worry about my mucus plug at 17 weeks! And I’ve been feeling so good too! I had some serious menstrual type cramps off and on for a few days last week but I thought it was a good sign that my uterus is stretching and this baby is growing. I hope I didn’t miss something I should have been paying attention to. But no… I’m going to hope and pray this is normal and not going to harm baby. I just learned that the plug can regenerate so that’s encouraging! Shewwww! I’m just constantly reminded throughout this whole pregnancy of how dependant we are on God. Its all out of our hands and God is in control of it all. I love this baby and God loves it too. God, I ask Your protection over this baby now, and that You will enable my body to carry this baby full term without any serious problems. I pray that You will sustain the life of this baby according to Your will. In Jesus name, Amen