Week 16 included another trip to triage due to a weird discharge that the Dr thought could be water leaking. To be on the safe side they had us come in to get checked out. They didn’t find a solid reason for the “water” but several theories were tossed around. An ultrasound showed the fluid at 4mm. Which is good. The ferning test and ph test came back negative for amnionic fluid and all bacterial tests were clear. It was scary for DH and I. *Shiver*
      My mom, sister and DH have all felt baby move now. Its fun to see everybody’s face light up when baby says hello with a foot to the hand.  🙂
       Having to deal with Intersistial Cystitis during pregnancy has been interesting to say the least. Its not fun at all when I’m not pregnant but actually, the most challenging part now is the decrease in bladder size. I feel like I have to go so bad and then I get there and its just a bit… not a gallon like it feels. I also lost my warning signal. What I mean is, I don’t have to go, then suddenly its get to the restroom or else. Having to go makes my back throb and I feel sick. Also, I have trouble emptying completely. But alot of this stuff was here before pregnancy, its just intensified. Interestingly enough, some aspects seem better. Some women do notice an improvement while pregnant.
My goal is to breastfeed exclusively till 6 months so I can have a longer break from endometriosis and maybe that will also relieve the IC. The urologist thought it would help me just going through a pregnancy.

My symptoms now are: sooo tired, lousy appetite, round ligament pain (but oddly, not as much as first trimester), heart palpatations, feeling winded from time to time, odd pains in groin area, headaches (but I think its allergies), and a constant urge to growl at my dog…. (ok that one is just for fun) but seriously, we don’t get along since I got pregnant. He doesn’t like my hormones and I don’t like his attitude about my hormones. He’s usually my pride and joy but right now we are always at odds. As you can see, my symptoms aren’t too exciting. Scary at times since I don’t know what’s normal but I wouldn’t trade a day of this pregnancy for anything.

On my internal list of things to do is finding a crib. I saw one I really like for $89 at Walmart on rollback. Its the cheapest new crib I’ve seen and it converts to daybed, toddler bed, and full size. I might get it. I’m not sure yet. Our plan is an Arms Reach co-sleeper till 5-6 months so really, the crib can wait I guess. I love the co-sleeper! And I would like to buy a car seat too and a small dresser for baby’s room. I can wait till after the shower to finalize what else we need. The shower isn’t supposed to be till August though… I really want to open baby presents!!! 🙂

I’m off to bed. Its late and I’m tired. Thank you God for week 16. Please bless all the time we have ahead of us. Thank you for my baby’s movements bringing me such joy. Please continue to watch over us in Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen