Yesterday started out pretty normal. By afternoon baby was kicking up a storm in there when I laid down for a few minutes. They were actual real kicks vs just flutters. They are still very tiny but it was amazing to feel. Then the weird braxton hicks started up which is odd because I haven’t had them in days. I stood up as I was getting ready to go to a party at my grandmas. I felt so much… how to describe it…. I guess pressure and sharp little pains down there. I called the Dr on call and she tried to assure me that it was probably normal. I told her I felt like it was pretty odd for me and I wanted to just make sure. I’m not one to take chances when it comes to my baby, so I went in for a “quick” 2 hour exam. They told me they didn’t know the cause but that my cervix seemed fine and maybe baby was just in a weird position or maybe it was punching on my cervix. I don’t know. It got worse even after I left the Dr but I have an appointment Friday so I’m glad for that. Until then I’m just going to take it easy and enjoy all these adorable kicks.
      Baby is kicking it up in there again. I think I was actually feeling flutters a couple weeks ago but I just wrote it off as nothing. Now though I’m still feeling those but stronger.
        They also told me at the Dr that I’m still passing large numbers of ketones. This has been an off and on problem my whole pregnancy. They said I have got to make an effort to eat more. Little do they know! I’ve even got a calorie app on my phone now trying to make sure I eat enough. I feel like I eat all day but I never get enough calories so Im not gaining much and obviously… the ketones. Oh well. We just need to apply ourselves more. We can do this!
        God please help my body to take good care of this baby and give it the nutrition it needs. I pray that I will carry this baby full term and that it will be healthy. Please build a hedge of protection around it. In Jesus name, amen.