So… yesterday I made a long drive to the OB for a quick visit. I was having BAD low back pain and pretty nasty cramps for a few days so I finally called the nurse just to get her opinion. I was pretty sure it was ok but thought I should run it by her. I also mentioned the weird “tampon falling out” feeling I was having down south. That bothered her quite a bit so she asked the dr who said to come in just in case. Turns out I’m allergic to Monistat. I had alot of swelling. ‘Nuff said. I was on my 6th day and every day the swelling and weird feeling were getting worse. They are fairly certain that’s what caused it. That and of course, the extra pregnancy blood flow causing a “fuller” sensation. But the yeast infection is gone now anyways and she said no more Monistat. From now on they will prescribe me something instead. 🙂 The dr asked me if I wash my clothes in Tide. I don’t. But she said that can be extremely irritating to some women “down there”. She used an interesting analogy. Its like putting your underwear in your mouth because that skin doesn’t have the protection our other skin has. I’m going to have to break that habit now. Which is a real shame because I so enjoy chewing on my underwear. Not the ones I’m wearing of course! Ok, just kidding…. but really. I almost jumped out of my underwear the other day. (Not the ones I was chewing on though.) DH gave me my shot and I started bleeding from the injection site like a fountain. He could barely contain it for a few seconds. Well later on I went into the bathroom and there in the toilet was tons of blood. My heart dropped for a second as I yelled for DH. Why did he throw the blood soaked tissue in the toilet and not flush it? Seriously!!!
      The OB I saw yesterday was another of the clinics drs. I forget how many they have. She was so nice. When she listened for the baby on the doppler I told her that’s my favorite sound in the world right now. She agreed wholeheartedly that it is! The nurse there is so sweet too. She told me as soon as I got there that she was thinking while I was driving there that if she could pick between 3 things the weird sensation I was having could be, she really hoped it was the Monistat. I thought it was really sweet of her to be thinking of me.
       I planted little marigold and zinnia seeds in the pots on my porch recently. They’ve already come up. It makes me think of this little baby sprouting up so fast in there. I can tell its really growing a lot now. My tummy is about the same but my uterus is much bigger and firm. Its quite a bit higher. Growing a baby takes a lot out of me! I have more of the pregnancy exhaustion now than in the beginning. That’s ok though. I’m happy to relax and put my feet up just thinking about the fact that there’s really an actual person in there. Someone who drinks and pees and kicks and sleeps and sucks their cute little baby thumb. I’m getting all mooshy! 😉
       Today was a big day for Boston as the 2 suspects have both been taken off the streets. Some people question in this world we live in, should we be bringing babies into it? Our pastor preached recently that we are to occupy until the time of the Lord’s return. We are to bring children into this world as the Lord blesses us and raise them in godly ways. Now is the perfect time to have a baby. If the Lord doesn’t come back in our time, who will witness to the lost souls? I have no idea why I bothered to write that just now… I guess it was on my mind.
     I’m glad I have this blog to do my updates. I don’t update on pregnancy on Facebook except our announcement. I have friends suffering from infertility and I hated reading pregnancy updates/announcements all the time. I still have major problems with people complaining about their pregnancy symptoms and “we weren’t even trying! We were going to wait till we got our careers and house blah blah blah… ” Or the ever famous “we started trying last month. We thought it would take awhile. Getting pregnant is easy!” Its nice to post on here where people only have to read it if they want to. Not that I would complain! 😉 I probably sound like a bitter kill-joy. But after years of infertility and inferiority, reading of other peoples joy that they oftentimes don’t embrace becomes tiresome and annoying. Its like they live in their own little oblivious world…. and they don’t even know how blessed they are. If you don’t understand, then thank God you’re not infertile. If you do understand, God bless your heart.
       I like to close with a prayer for my baby. God, I thank You and I praise You for this precious baby You have made. Please continue to protect this miracle You have formed in my womb. I pray that it will continue to grow strong and healthy according to Your will. In Jesus name, amen.