In all honesty, I thought the 2ww for an ultrasound would b alot easier than this. I figured it would be easier than the 2ww for beta because at least this time I know there is a baby in there. Right? Not exactly! First of all my pregnancy symptoms are so light and so come and go its ridiculous. If I had stronger symptoms it would be easier to believe the baby(s) ok but as it is I could practically forget I’m pregnant…. If I weren’t so obsessively worried. I nearly had a panic attack lastnight just because I’m so worried its not a healthy normal pregnancy due to the lack of nausea, tiredness, NORMAL pregnant people symptoms. *sigh* Its little comfort that my ultrasound is 2 days early. And I’ve been cramping like crazy!! Bad, awful, almost like AF cramps that have me checking the TP every chance I get. Is my RE concerned? No! And I’m just thinking this must be another idea on the “how to torture an infertile” list.
         I don’t want to get an early ultrasound because something is going wrong… I just think its unfair my clinic makes me wait. What’s the harm of me coming in a week early and getting to see a sack? Its proof of something at least. I don’t know how all the other brave women get through this time without going crazy. Wait … yes I do know. They have symptoms like normal people and nice RE’s who don’t make them wait 2 weeks after last beta.
        I’m obviously a compulsive worrier and if anyone read this whole thing, I owe you big time. Sorry for being such a ranter.