I’m falling apart! The day before yesterday I talked to my nurse at the clinic about hot flashes I have started experiencing. In my last cycle I got them terribly during the 2 week wait so when I started having them this time I freaked out. She asked the doctor about it for me and he said he would prefer that I did nothing but if I really wanted to I could start taking vivelle dot patches… By the next day I was only experiencing a few hot flashes but I decided to go ahead and start the patches anyways because I didn’t want them to get worse… No sooner did I put them on than I decided to look at Dr. Google. I don’t know why I did that I’m so stupid sometimes! 1,000,000,000 frown faces to whoever thought it would be nice to post that extra estrogen in the 2 week wait can cause the embryos to suffocate… Just what I needed to hear. NOT! So now, not only is it the weekend and I can’t get ahold of my doctor but I also don’t even know why he didn’t want me to take them in the first place! And why he didn’t want to check my estrogen before he gave them to me! In my brain I know that he probably gave me a very low dose just so I would feel happy but I’ve never had any experience with estrogen patches so I really don’t know what a normal dose is. And to top it off I’m still experiencing mild hot flashes. Grrrrr. My RE doesn’t do any monitoring in the 2 week wait which I find absolutely stupid. Check my freakin blood every other day for the whole stim phase, monitor me like it’s going out of style then as soon as you transfer the embryos collect your money and drop me. I know that I’m not being fair and that my RE does care about whether I get pregnant or not because it affects his clinics rates and I assume he has a good heart to be doing what he does, but this is a rant post! And this is how I feel at the moment. So now I’m afraid I could be hurting my embabies with this estrogen. God help me!!! I hate the 2ww! Please if anyone reads this who has any advise to offer please help me out. Oh by the way did I mention that my previous RE told me after my last cycle that hot flashes in the 2 week wait usually means lack of implantation… I’m trying to stay positive here! Go away internal campfire. If I’m cold Ill get a freakin blanket.