My DH an I were shopping and I came across this adorable sleeper. I’ve never done anything like this before… buying an outfit for a baby I don’t have…. But I felt very strongly that I should purchase it, bring it home and pray over it that God will fill this little outfit this year with a baby of our own. If there is anyone out there who sees this and wants to send up a prayer too it would be most appreciated! As an infertile, I have come to feel that there’s no hope a baby could ever grow in my womb. I want to cast aside all of those doubts and believe that my God is bigger than any of the things that infertility can throw my way. Not that I have ever doubted that God is able, but I have doubted that He is willing. Part of that whole “I can’t be disappointed if I don’t expect it” mentality. Infertility with all of the loneliness and sadness has caused me to expect less so that I won’t be as disappointed, but in the long run it doesn’t help. There has actually been several studies done that show that depression and not staying possitive can decrease your chance of getting pregnant during IVF. And even though I doubt the credibility of this research, why not give positivity a shot this time!! If it doesn’t work I have plenty of time to grieve later.